Meeting Room Rental

Rooms & Features

The meeting rooms at the library are made available to the public on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. Rooms available to rent include:

Reserve a Meeting Room

All meeting rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by the library administrative secretary. If you have any questions about your reservation request, please call (507) 304-4002. To make a reservation, complete the Meeting Room Online Request Form.

Reservation Guidelines

  • Bookings may be made up to six months in advance of meeting dates.
  • The rooms will not be scheduled before the library is open to the public and must end 30 minutes before the library closes to the public.
  • The conference room may be scheduled up to two times in a calendar month.
  • The auditorium may be scheduled unlimited times.
  • Only one group may use the auditorium per day.

In Case of Emergency

If an immediate reservation is needed during a weekend or late evenings (Monday / Tuesday), please contact the Blue Earth County Library Circulation Department at (507) 304-4010.

Terms of Use

  • The contact person for the group is responsible for leaving the facilities clean and for ensuring that group members do not disturb other library users.
  • A fee may be charged to the group for cleanup or loss or damages incurred by the group of the audio /visual equipment.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed on the media cabinets.
  • Individuals and groups are responsible for removing all supplies and materials at the end of each meeting.
  • Individuals or groups that stay past library closing time will be responsible for at least a $40 fee to reimburse staff time.

Cancellation Policy

Individuals or groups with meeting room reservations should notify the library at least 48 hours in advance of any cancellations of the scheduled meeting otherwise the group is still responsible for the rental fees.

Process for Addressing Concerns & Complaints
The library reserves the right to revoke permission for use of meeting rooms at any time. Individuals or groups that believe they have unjustly been denied use or wrongfully limited in their use of the meetings rooms and those who wish permission to waive the rules above may discuss their situation with Library Director Kelly McBride at (507) 304-4007.